Boat/Trailer, Dinghy / Tender Storage Application Form

If you are a member of LYC and would like to request a space in our Car Park, Dinghy Parks or Downies, please complete the form below. When the committee has allocated you a space for storage, the Membership Sec will send you an email with a link to our Gocardless payment gateway.

Boat and trailer storage fees:
Boats up to 4m £60
Boats over 4m £70
Kayaks: £50
Junior boat: £25
Keelboats: £80
Summer road trailer: £40
Downie’s shed: £60
Temporary member car and/or trailer: £40 per week

Before completing the form below, please read the following Terms and Conditions:

1  The boat shall be kept on a working launching trolley
2  The mast shall be taken down before 30 Nov. for the winter or when not in use for prolonged periods.
3  The boat shall be clearly marked with its name and display any Dinghy Park No. allocated.
4  Road trailers being kept in the Car Park shall be parked where requested by the Convenor.
5  The boat shall be fully insured.

In order to maintain space for active members- boats left unused for more than one year are to be removed by the owner. LYC shall consider any mitigating circumstances. A pro-rata refund may apply.