Each year we form a Committee at our Annual General Meeting to actively manage the club, its facilities plus sailing and social events. Any LYC member can be elected onto the committee at the AGM.

If you can spare some time to support the group with new ideas and ways of working you can help us improve and evolve the club. Contact a committee member or email secretary@lochaber-yacht-club.co.uk for more information

The committee meet on the first Tuesday of each month and minutes can be found in the members’ area of the website.

Committee sub-groups

Group 1: Clubhouse, Dinghy Parks and Property

  • Mike, Kenny, Keiron

Group 2: Sailing and Water Based Programme

  • Vince, Victoria, Hamish, Chris (for handbook)

 Group 3: Social Activities

  • Lucy B, Karen, Isla, Sue

Group 4: Safety and Training

  • Vince, Stephen, Mike, Lucy, John, Martin (Sea Cadets)

Group 5: Membership and Finance

  • Victoria and Keiron

Group 6: Strategy and Club Development

  • Vince, Lucy B, Keiron, Sue

RYA Principal Officer: Jon Gay

RYA Chief Sailing Instructor: Hamish Loudon, Lucy Hann training@lochaber-yacht-club.co.uk

RYA Senior Powerboat Instructor: Stephen Marshall

Safeguarding Officer: Cherryl Allan

Committee roles and responsibilities 

  • Dinghy sailing convenor: Viola Hepburn-Scott
  • Keelboat sailing convenor: Mike Hepburn-Scott
  • Training co-ordinators: Hamish Loudon, Lucy Hann
  • Senior Sailing Instructor: Hamish Loudon, Lucy Hann
  • Senior Powerboat Instructor: Stephen Marshall
  • Safety boat maintenance: Chris Strong, Vince Dean
  • VHF radios: Stephen Marshall
  • Tide Tables: Hamish Loudon
  • Publicity and Social Media: Karen Dean
  • Trophy Convenor: Karen Dean

Achintore Mooring Owners Association contacts:

  • Marian Austin – 07769 877750
  • Hamish Loudon – 01397 702370 or 07879 651851