How to join our Fort William sailing club

You can join Lochaber Yacht Club at any time of the year.  New active sailing members are most welcome. We have a large membership with lots of young sailors. We’ve got a few old sea-salts too.  We have social events and the club house makes an excellent venue.

LYC is primarily a sailing club. Whilst we want to be inclusive, we have very limited onshore storage for anyone who wants to use a RIB or small fishing boat.

If you’d like to speak with someone before joining our sailing club, best thing to do is contact the membership secretary. You’re also welcome to come down to the club to see what’s going on.  During the summer months, Monday evenings are for Keelboat racing, Wednesday evenings are for Dinghy racing and Thursday evenings is our club sailing sessions. We do offer “come-and-try” sessions but these are arranged on specific days within our annual sailing calendar.   During the Autumn and early Winter some club members sail on a Sunday afternoon.

To apply for membership straightaway, complete our online form below and we will be in touch.  Once approved we will send you a link to set up a membership subscription.

Pay for for membership online with Stripe

Our preferred method of payment for membership is by Debit or Credit card, using a membership subscription which makes it simple to pay and involves minimum work for our committee to manage our memberships. Other methods of payment are possible but these will involve a lot of someone’s time and will not allow us to see at a glance, who are paid members of our club.

2024 LYC Membership Fees:

Our 2024 sailing club membership fees are shown below.

  • Adult: £165
  • Family inc children under 16: £240
  • Full-time Student under 25: £90
  • UHI Student Membership First Semester £45
  • UHI Student Membership Second Semester £45
  • Junior: £60
  • Country adult: £115*
  • Country Family: £145*
    *If you don’t live in Lochaber
  • Come and Try/Temporary: £10
  • Unemployed family: £60
  • Unemployed adult: £50

Boat Storage

If you are a paid-up member of LYC  for 2024 and would like to request a space in our Car Park, Dinghy Parks or Downies, please complete contact the Treasurer. When a space is allocated to you, you can login into Member MoJo to make payment in our online store.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions for boat storage:

  1. The boat shall be kept on a working launching trolley
  2. The mast shall be taken down before 30 November for the winter or when not in use for prolonged periods.
  3. The boat shall be clearly marked with its name and your name.
  4. Road trailers being kept in the Car Park shall be parked where requested by the Treasurer.
  5. The boat shall be fully insured.
In order to maintain space for active members, boats left unused for more than one year are to be removed by the owner. LYC shall consider any mitigating circumstances. A pro-rata refund may apply.

Lochaber Yacht Club General Data Protection Regulation

Lochaber Yacht Club has a Data Protection document which explains why we need to hold some of your personal details if you join our sailing club. You can read this document by here.