Each year our Committee is established at our Annual General Meeting usually in October. Any LYC member can be elected and our constitution ensures a healthy rotation. The Committee actively manage the club and it’s facilities and the sailing and social events. Other members do lots of good work too. So if you feel like ‘doing your bit’ for the Club, you can contact any member of the committee or email the Secretary (secretary@lochaber-yacht-club.co.uk).

The committee usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month and minutes can be seen on the members’ section.


  • Junior representative: Vacant
  • Dinghy sailing convenor: Jon Gay, Vince Dean
  • Keelboat sailing convenor: Tim Sims, Steph James
  • Training co-ordinator: Hamish Loudon
  • RYA Principal Officer: Jon Gay
  • RYA Principal/Senior Sailing Instructor: Hamish Loudon.
  • RYA Principal/Senior Powerboat Instructor: Stephen Marshall.
  • Safety Officer: Cherryl Allan
  • Child Protection Officer: Cherryl Allan
  • Safety boat maintenance: Chris Strong, Vince Dean
  • Club Property: Harry Jeffrey
  • Dinghy parks: Vince Dean, Andy McKenna, Keiron Shatwell
  • Club boats: Jon Gay, Amanda Henderson, (Ian Dewar Sea Cadet boats)
  • VHF radios: Stephen Marshall
  • Membership: Andy McKenna
  • Regatta and open events: Victoria Kimber and ad hoc team(s).
  • Catering and social events: Liz Loudon, Vince Dean (to coordinate ad hoc teams).
  • Club Handbook: Chris Strong, Andy McKenna, Victoria Kimber
  • Tide Tables: Hamish Loudon
  • Publicity: Victoria Kimber, Andy McKenna, (Karen Dean Social Media).
  • Trophy Convenor: Karen Dean
  • Sailing Development Team: Vince Dean, Andy McKenna, Keiron Shatwell, Victoria Kimber, Jon Gay
  • Shed Construction Team: Vince Dean, Harry Jeffrey, Tim Sims, Jon Gay and others
  • Sea Cadet rep: Ian Dewar

Contacts for Achintore Mooring Owners Association

  • Marian Austin – 07769 877750
  • Richard Rumney – 07792 222691
  • Hamish Loudon – 01397 702370 or 07879 651851